Mac Galeano
I started college as a fine artist but soon moved to the digital (dark) side. I began to improve my skills at coding while simultaneously painting and designing. I found work designing and coding websites while at Utah State University. When I graduated I found even more opportunities in web design and consequently spent the next 6 years heavily involved in UX and UI design. I’ve worked on web teams at Interbank FX, Saxton Horne Advertising, Mighty Clever and modern8, where I had the opportunity to develop several strategic processes.

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My Capabilities


Due to my preference for small teams, I have been able to gather experience in a number of UX Tasks.  Depending on the project, I can fill in as either a UI designer, contributing to the visual design, or I can even provide frontend support. Some of my favorite tasks are part of the planning process. I enjoy research and organizing content into practical, digestible portions. To read more about my UX Tasks, visit my blog or read about UX Plans.

User Research
Information Architecture
Visual Design
Frontend Development
Interaction Design


Personal References


“Mac is one of the best UX Designers we’ve ever had at modern8”

Randall, modern8

“Mac is an outstanding UX Designer. His insights are fresh and his ideas, invaluable”

Bob, RG Knox

“I have had the privilege of working with Mac for two years and he is a fantastic person to work with!”

Heidi, FFKR Architects


My Experience



Senior UX  Designer + Consultant

I ventured out on my own at the end of 2014 and have honed in my UX skills.  I have worked with several startups, several apps and many more websites. My experience has led me to realize a dire need for UX management and I have been developing a program that will help teams get the most out of their UX efforts. Follow my blog or visit for more information.

2012 /2014

UX Designer + Brand Strategist

I began working for modern8 and, once again, found myself overseeing web projects for the agency. I continued to develop my own web process and refine my UX skills but also added brand strategy to my repertoire. I was heavily involved in the branding or rebranding of many large companies on a national level.


UX Designer + Frontend Developer

For a brief portion of 2012 I was privileged to work with my friends and colleagues at Saxton Horne advertising. While I was there, I did manage to work on some noteworthy projects including sites for Hi-Chew and the Energy Solutions Arena.

2010 /2012

Web Designer + Frontend Developer

As part of the design team at Mighty Clever ad agency, I oversaw the majority of our web projects. I developed the process and standards for the agency to follow and was able to work on a number of challenging projects.

2008 /2010

Web Designer + Frontend Developer

I was part of a digital in-house team for a software company with a strong online presence. My duties were primarily design and UI related as there were several experienced developers on the team.