The pages shown above were taken from actual evaluations.


A Valuable Road Map


Before you spend thousands of dollars on a new website, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how your current site is performing and how it could do better? Do you even need a completely new website? Will a simple refresh be enough? Perform a website evaluation and make an informed decision on strengthening your online presence.


Accurate Estimates

By determining a website strategy ahead of time, you are able to get an accurate schedule and cost estimate for completing your website. 

Faster Completion

When you know exactly what your website should do, the design process is much faster. Avoid redoing work or sending designs back and forth endlessly.


The Evaluation Process


Research & Discovery

I begin by diving deep into your existing material in an effort to understand your company and market as well as possible. This also helps me gain a valuable perspective of what you do.

Professional Recommendations

After determining the best strategic solution(s), I will take into account new technology and industry standards to make professional recommendations.

Scope & Vision

I outline the process and techniques for implementing the recommendations. This report will be detailed enough to hand-off to a third party, if so desired.


The final section deals with handing off the plan for execution. If myself or a partner from my network is executing the recommendations, I will provide a detailed cost estimate and timeline.



Please contact me if you would like to learn more about Website Evaluations and how they can help you.